Ice Cream = Sex

This is no ordinary book about ice cream, nor an ordinary book about sex. Dr. Noske thoughtfully delves into the sweetest part of life, introducing to you new flavors of ice cream and sex you’ve never tried. It will leave you turned on and hungry for the next page. I’ll have two scoops please!

-- Taylor McClure

(author's favorite ex-girlfriend)

Ice Cream = Sex: What your flavor says about your fantasy, and how to make it happen is the coffee table book like no other. Is it about ice cream, sex or a parody on society? Why can't it be a mix of all three?

In a society which struggles to talk about sex, this book offers more than just beautiful pictures of men, women and ice cream. It offers a great way to talk and think about sex. It will gives you ideas, and it will make you laugh. All of this is based around one simple question:

What's your favorite ice cream?

Chose wisely, because you might be surprised what it says about you. This website gives you some of the answers, but for the full scoop you'll want to order the book today. It makes an incredible gift for friends and comes with reviews from all walks of life. Who is this book for? If you like sex and ice cream, it's a slam dunk. Too cheap to buy something? Play our free ice cream shop game instead.

Kind regards,

-- Dr Andrew Noske.

Get the book - an incredible gift for your friends or your partner according to our lovely reviews.

A guide to flavors and what they mean about your sexuality.

A fun "ice cream store game" you can play with friends which is based off the book.