About the Science

You want to know about the science?

The author of this article has a PhD in cell biology and postdoc in neuroscience. In this article I took that expertise, nailed it to a grenade and hurled it into a bonfire. There is no solid science to any of these connections I've made between your favorite ice cream and what you're like in bed. It's 50% intuition and 90% fun. But what if you believed what you read? Maybe I'm secretly brilliant. Maybe you're a silly person. People read what you want to read. The truth is all of these things. Confused? You're welcome. Go back to your astrology you crazy hipster.

PS: Since you scrolled down, you deserve a better answer.... look up the Barnum Effect on wikipedia. Now you know. Please use this for good and never for evil. Or use it to write a book. :)