The Ice Cream Shop Game

Ever done a personality test where you closed your eyes and are asked to use your imagination and describe a scene? These visualization exercises are lots of fun because your answers sometimes give deep insights into your psyche. We invented our own called "The Ice Cream Shop" game.

  • Rule #1. If it helps you get lucky and/or open new horizons with your partner you have to buy us a beer.
  • Rule #2. Play it with a sense of humor!

This game is pretty risky material for a first date, but fun to play with open-minded friends who appreciate a good laugh and aren't going to choke if they hear the word sex. Here's how the game works. There's a narration stage and interpretation stage.... here's the script for the narration:

The Ice Cream Shop Script

You seem fun, would you like to do a slightly saucy personality test?

.................... Okay great
  • This is a visualization game, so you'll have to close your eyes and describe a scene. Are you ready for that?
.................... Okay great
  • Now your eyes are closed... imagine it's a hot day, you really could use a delicious ice cream.
  • You arrive at an ice cream shop. Can you see it?
.................... Brilliant
    • Now describe the shop.
    • How many people are inside?
    • How many flavors do they have?

  • Inside there's a really good looking person ready to server you. They ask you:
    • What ice cream style: a cone, a cup or a bucket.
    • How many scoops do you want?
    • What flavors do you want?
    • What toppings should they have?

  • They carefully make your ice cream, and hand it to you.
    • How do you eat it?

  • Open your eyes... are you ready to hear what this all means?

Once they've opened their eyes they should be excited to learn the meaning. Now here's where you need to read the room... or at least the person. After each answer, you'll see how comfortable they are with words like "sex" or "kinky". Let them respond to each item of your interpretation and if you need to bring it down a notch substitute the word and interpretation from "sex" to either "kissing" (the G rated version) or "making love" (the PG rated version). If you've already read the book, you're probably already in a good position to give creative answers. This works best if you have (a) creativity, and (b) you're intuitive enough that you already know the person, so you can massage into the answer what you already know or assume about them, and they hugely appreciate your attention to them. Everyone likes to hear about themselves, and even if the answers are way off, it's a fun opportunity to ask them what the right answers are. Start with this:

The Temperature Gauge

  • Now your eyes are open, I can tell you this isn't a standard personality test, it gives us clues about what kind of partner you like.

Before we begin, how comfortable are you talking about former lovers on a scale of 1 to 10?

  • 1-2 = great, this test is about *how you show affection.
  • 3-4 = great, this test is about *kissing.
  • 5-7 = great, this test is about *lovemaking.
  • 8-10 = great, this test is about *sex.

Interpretation Guide

The shop represents your ideal lover. In your case you said:

small store = family oriented / romantic.big commercial shop = showy.

The number of people and flavors correlates with how many lovers and experiences you may have had.

just the server = you like dating one person at a timemany people = you're confident in your dating

The ice cream style represents your eagerness for sex*.

one = you want it now... before it melts.cup = you are patient, you like to mix the flavors together, you take it in moderation.bucket = you are committing to lots of one flavor, you are LTR type of person and you appreciate reliable *sex.

The flavors represent what type of sex* you usually like!

... generally:plain flavor = plain sex*.chocolatey = kinky.sweet = sweet *sex.
..... but for the best results look up the flavor in the book!

The toppings are what makes sex* extra fun for you.

sauce = saucyfruit = fresh and wholesomenuts = heavy petting

How you eat it.... that’s how you enjoy sex*.

slow = beautiful slow sexfast = passionate/rough sex

And that.... ladies and gentlemen. Is the end of the game! It will make more sense when you read the book, but we hope you give it a try and tell us how it goes.

Acknowledgments: This game was largely modeled on "The Cube Personality Test" which is also lots of fun and can be taken online. Unlike the ice cream shop game, you can play the cube game with family members pretty safely!