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This is my first book - and I'm really excited! Please follow me on both Facebook and on Amazon. Thank you kindly for supporting a first time author.

Oh... and feel free to email me of course! (andrew.noske@gmail.com)

-- Sincerely, Andrew Noske.

Andrew Noske, Ph.D.

Andrew lives in San Francisco, but grew up in Australia with an interest in animals, dancing and creative writing. After finishing a PhD in (ironically) diabetes research he moved to the US for a postdoc in neuroscience then sold out to work as an engineer on Google Maps. This entire time he loved documenting everything and occasionally his articles would be (mildly) funny. This is his first book! His other passions: he strives to pick up 3 pieces of litter per day & deliver 3 boxes to homeless people per week for his strawberriesforsmiles.com project.

Favorite flavor: cookies & creamFavorite type of gal: any gal with passion!

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Please write me thought and ideas. I love feedback, and am looking for new people to add reviews.

The day I got the first copy into my hands (May 4, 2020). Months of work finally resulting in something tangible. I'm not making this book to make money... nobody ever got rich off a coffee table book. Probably I won't even break even on the $100 I invested into pictures. It's one of those labor of love things people talk about. I love writing, and hopefully I have other books soon!